Fun Things To Do For Your Young Basketball Player

If there’s one sport your child would love, its basketball.

Overnight basketball camps

If they’ve never tried it, give it a shot. If they have, take their passion even further by supporting them with some of these fun drills and activities.

1.    Knock out

This game is ideal for players that need to practice their simple shooting ability. It’s fun because it’s simple and easy, thus boosting their confidence. All you need is two balls and two players. The first player shoots and if they miss, the second player gets to achieve a “knock out” by shooting the ball first.

2.    Around the world

Once again, a classic. Around the world is even better for ‘target practice’. The player goes ‘around the world’ by shooting the ball in different positions on the court, with the goal to make all of their shots into the hoop.

3.    Basketball day camps

Day camps are offered for almost any sport or hobby, including basketball. Here, athletes can learn a lot of information in a short amount of time. The camp helpers, coaches, volunteers, etc. will be more skilled than what you might be able to teach them.

4.    Basketball night camps

Overnight basketball camps are like day camps, only better. Sending your child to a camp overnight allows them to fully immerse themselves in the world and culture of basketball. Spending 24+ hours with other athletes, discussing, playing, and learning more about the sport they love can help create a new interest and respect for the sport.

5.    Musical basketball

This activity is exactly what it sounds like, so yes, like musical chairs. You place several basketballs in a circle and players walk around them as music plays. Once the music stops each player must grab a ball. The one without a ball is out of the game.